Residential Stairlifts – Stair Lift Cost
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Thursday, 22 April 2010
Residential Stairlifts – Rent Stair Lift

Wheelchair platform stairlifts

These come under the general definition of home stairlift and are typically of much heavier construction than a domestic stairlift.

Most platform stairlifts are utilized in public access buildings or outside non-public homes.

The platform is big enough to accommodate a wheelchair and its user, and might have folding edge flaps which drop down and act as ramps to allow for diversifications in floor levels. These flaps also prevent the wheelchair from going over the edge of the platform.

The rails are, necessarily, of heavy construction to support the load and the drive system is usually accommodated within a tubular section rail or aluminum extrusion. Some models have steel wires inside the tube, others have chains ; yet others may employ a rack and pinion system.

Many wheelchair platform stairlifts are designed and built to order. Others may comprise a standard platform and carriage, with the sole special obligation being the length of rails or tracks.

Some wheelchair stairlift chairs can also be moved and used as indoor wheelchairs.

Pre-owned residential stairlifts

There's a second-user market for some types of stairlift. This is most typical with straight rail domestic types. The rails can be cut to length if too long, or extended with a'joining kit'. Most models permit the carriage to be're-handed' so it can be used on the right or left side of the staircase.

During the beginning of curved rail stairlifts there wasn't any second user market due to the difficulty of matching rails to a different layout. Even staircases built to the same design design in neighbouring houses have permutations, but in most attempted'transplants' there are too many differences to make it practicable. Many owners have had to pay to have unwelcome curved stairlifts removed.

More lately, some curved rails have been produced to a modular design so elements can be unbolted and used elsewhere, subject to design and safety concerns. In a number of cases, tubular section rails which are welded during turn out, are produced by expert rail companies so they may be employed with a pre-owned carriage, controls, and other parts. This is, perhaps, like putting an old locomotive on new railway lines. It provides a lower cost solution than buying a totally new system.

Some insurance firms have offered breakdown policies for residential stairlifts. Makers and installers have offered an extended guaranty, rather like those available for domestic white products and brown goods.

Curved rail residential stairlifts

These are routinely much more unusual and pricey than those with straight rails because they have to be manufactured to suit the individual staircase ( curved stairs ). This sometimes involves careful measurement, design and manufacturing. The installation process generally takes longer than for a straight domestic stairlift. Many of them follow stairs standards.

Outdoor residential stairlifts

Outdoor Stairlifts come with seats, perches, footplates or platforms and are sold worldwide . They're like indoor stairlifts but with improved weatherproofing.

Popular residential stairlift types

These are the most typical type of home stairlifts utilized in private dwellings with straight residential stairs and have a straight rail which is fixed to the steps of the staircase. Straight stairlifts have a shorter installation and producing time as it requires fewer customizations. The expenses are usually in the $2000 to $4000 range depending on model and configurations.

Good home stairlifts

Some manufacturers produce stairlifts with trays instead of seats for moving goods between different levels, usually in commercial or economic buildings. Some firms have bought ordinary domestic stairlifts only as products transporters and put items such as boxes of stationery on the seat. An arched stairlift system is used occasionally at Caernarfon Castle in North Wales, installed to obey the incapacity Discrimination Act.

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Residential Stairlifts – Wheelchair Lift for stairs

Posted by lyle6foster at 12:42 AM EDT
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